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Brad Duchaine receives the John M. Manly Huntington Award for Newly Promoted Faculty
Posted on: 06/13/2016

Brad Duchaine is the 2016 John M. Manly Huntington Award for Newly Promoted Faculty, an award given to honor the faculty member being promoted to full professor with the most distinguished research and teaching record.

Rapuano awarded NSF GROW Fellowship
Posted on: 06/13/2016

Kristina Rapuano, a graduate student in the lab of Dr. Bill Kelley, was recently awarded a Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide (GROW) fellowship from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to conduct research with Morten Kringelbach at Aarhus University in Denmark. The fellowship is awarded to active recipients of the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program to enhance professional development through research at world-leading science institutions overseas. Kristina's research interest focuses on how the brain transforms sensory information from the external world into mental representations of hedonic pleasure. She recently co-authored a commentary in the journal Brain (Kringelback & Rapuano, 2016) highlighting the need to explore the temporal dynamics of brain network activity to better understand the neurobiology of reward and hedonic processing. Her fellowship at Aarhus University with Dr. Kringelbach will afford Kristina an opportunity to apply her theoretical ideas in ways not possible at Dartmouth College. Kristina plans to conduct research on reward using magnetoencephalography (MEG), a brain imaging technology that measures the magnetic fields associated with electrical signaling activity in the brain. This technique is uniquely sensitive to temporal fluctuations in brain activity across multiple brain regions over time. She will also have the opportunity to train in complex non-linear data analysis approaches in the Kringelbach lab. She will begin her six month fellowship this summer.

Carolyn Parkinson receives 2016 Hannah T. Croasdale Award
Posted on: 06/13/2016

Carolyn Parkinson, who completed her PhD with Thalia Wheatley this past year, has been selected as the recipient of the 2016 Hannah T. Croasdale Award. This award is given to the graduating PhD student at Dartmouth who "best exemplifies the qualities of a scholar, possessing intellectual curiosity, a dedicated commitment to the pursuit of new knowledge, a strong interest in teaching, and a sense of social responsibility to the academic community". 

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Dr. Hannah T. Croasdale studied and taught for more than 40 years in what is now the Department of Biological Sciences at Dartmouth. She began at Dartmouth in 1935, worked her way up through the ranks, and retired as full professor in 1971. She pioneered the role of women faculty at Dartmouthby being the first woman to achieve the level of full Professor. Even after retirement, Dr. Croasdale continued to teach phycology as Professor Emerita for six years. Her distinguished career has been recognized by numerous honors including a summer graduate student fellowship named in her honor by the Phycological Society of America. Professor Croasdale attended the University of Pennsylvania, graduating with a B.S. in 1928, an M.S. in 1931, and a Ph.D. in 1935. Professor Croasdale passed away on July 27, 1999, at the age of 93.

Dr. Parkinson is now an assistant professor at UCLA.

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Welcome Meghan Meyer!
Posted on: 05/16/2016

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Meghan Meyer to the faculty. Meghan completed her Ph.D. at the University of California, Los Angeles and is currently a post-doctoral fellow at Princeton University. Meghan will be moving to Hanover in July 2017 to assumer her position as an assistant professor.

SBS brown bag series - Spring 2016
Posted on: 01/26/2016

Moore Hall, 12:15-1pm

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3/31: Wouter Kool, Harvard University

4/14: Giovanni Bosco, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

5/12: Cary Savage (University of Kansas Medical Center)

5/26: Emily Falk (University of Pennsylvania)

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SBS brown bag series - Winter 2016
Posted on: 11/23/2015

Moore Hall, 12:15-1pm.

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1/7: Leah Somerville (Harvard)

1/21: Paul Holtzheimer (DHMC)

2/4: David Bucci (Dartmouth)

2/18: Graduate student data blitz

3/3: Laurel Gabard-Durnam, Columbia University

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SBS Brown Bag Series - Fall 2015
Posted on: 09/09/2015

Moore Hall, 302, 12-1pm.

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9/17: Luke Chang (Dartmouth)

10/1: Laurel Symes (Dartmouth)

10/15: Alison Greggor (University of Cambridge)

10/29: Oriel FeldmanHall (NYU)

11/12: Data Blitz

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2014 CSBS/CCN workshop videos
Posted on: 09/09/2015

Videos of the 2014 CSBS/CCN Social Perception workshop are now up and can be seen here.

Robert S. Chavez wins 2015 Croasdale Award
Posted on: 06/17/2015

Robert S. Chavez, of the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, is the 2015 recipient of the Hannah Croasdale Award. See full story here.

Carolyn Parkinson receives Graduate Alumni Research Award
Posted on: 06/03/2015

Carolyn Parkinson, a Ph.D. candidate in Cognitive Neuroscience, was awarded  the Dartmouth Graduate Research Award in 2014. See full story about the research she conducted here.