How Junk Food Commercials Seduce The Brain And Aggravate Obesity (Forbes)

Forbes features a new study by Dartmouth's Kristina Rapuano, Jeremy Huckins, James Sargent, Todd Heatherton, and Bill Kelley which suggests a link between fast food advertisement exposure and obesity.

Adolescents were placed in the fMRI scanner and watched "The Big Bang Theory", interspersed with food and non-related commercials. According to Forbes, "During the food ads only, the kids reacted roughly as if food had been placed in front of them: brain structures associated with attention and evaluation, and with craving, pleasure, and gratification, all responded strongly".

Todd Heatherton is the Lincoln Filene Professor of Human Relations, Kristina Rapuano is a graduate student, Jeremy Huckins is a postdoctoral fellow, and Bill Kelley is a professor, all in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences. James Sargent is professor of pediatrics at the Geisel School of Medicine.

Read the full story here, published 5/25/2015.