Paul J. Whalen

Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences

352 Moore Hall
HB 6207
Center for Social Brain Sciences
Psychological and Brain Sciences
B.A. Stonehill College
Ph.D. University of Vermont

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Selected Publications

Taylor, J M, and P J Whalen, "Fearful, but not angry, expressions diffuse attention to peripheral targets in an attentional blink paradigm," Emotion (in press).

Whalen, P J, M J Kim, M Neta, and F C Davis, "Emotion" (pp. 422-439). In:Handbook of Psychology (2nd Ed.). New York: Wiley (2013).

Whalen, P J, H Raila, R Bennett, A Mattek, A C Brown, J M Taylor, A Tanner, M VanTieghem, M Miner, and A L Palmer, A.L. "Neuroscience and facial expressions of emotion: The role of prefrontal-amygdala interactions," Emotion Review, (2013) 78-83.

Neta, M. W M Kelley, and P J Whalen, "Neural responses to ambiguity involve domain-general and domain-specific emotion processing systems,"  J Cog Neurosci, 4, (2013) 547-557.

Hariri, A R, and P J Whalen, P.J, "The amygdala: Inside and out,"  F1000 Biology Reports, 3, 2 (2011), doi: 10.3410/B3-2,

Davis, F C, L H Somerville, E J Ruberry, A Berry, L M Shin, and P J Whalen, "A tale of two negatives: Differential memory effects associated with fearful and angry facial expressions," Emotion, 11, (2011) 647-655.

Kim, M J, D G Gee, F C Davis, R A Loucks, and P J Whalen, "Anxiety dissociates dorsal and ventral medial prefrontal cortex functional connectivity with the amygdala at rest,"  Cerebral Cortex, 7, (2011) 1667-1673.

Neta, M. and P J Whalen, "The primacy of negative interpretations when resolving the valence of ambiguous facial expressions,"  Psychological Science, 21, (2010) 901-907.

Kim, M J and P J Whalen, "The structural integrity of an amygdala-prefrontal pathway predicts trait anxiety,"  Journal of Neuroscience, 29, (2009) 11614-11618.

Whalen, P J, J Kagan, and R Cook, et. al., “Human Amygdala Responsivity to Masked Fearful Eye Whites,” Science , 306 (2004) 2061.

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Davis, M and P J Whalen, “The Amygdala: Vigilance and Emotion,” Molecular Psychiatry , 6 (2001) 13-34.

Whalen, P J, “Fear, Vigilance and Ambiguity: Initial Neuroimaging Studies of the Human Amygdala,” 7 (1998) 177-188.

Whalen, P J, S L Rauch, N L Etcoff, S C McInerney, M Lee, and M A Jenike, "Masked presentations of emotional facial expressions modulate amygdala activity without explicit knowledge," Journal of Neuroscience, 18, (1998) 411-418.

Kim, M J, R A Loucks, A L Palmer, A C Brown, K M Solomon, A N Marchante, and P J Whalen, "The structural and functional connectivity of the amygdala: from normal emotion to pathological anxiety," Behavioral Brain Research, 223, (2011) 403-410.

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Works in Progress

“Human Amygdala Responsivity to Fearful Eye-whites”

“Cingulo-amygdala Interactions in Surprise and Extinction: Interpreting Associative Ambiguity”

“Development of a Human Social Conditioning Paradigm”

“Differential Reported Experience with Facial Expression of Emotion”