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Congratulations, Dr. Courtney!
Posted on: 06/06/2018

Congratulations are in order for Meyer lab member, Andrea Courtney, for her successful thesis defense on Monday, June 4, 2018. Andrea will be heading to Chicago in July, where she will be a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Sylvia Morelli's lab at the University of Illiniois Chicago.

Congratulations, Dr. Pizzie!
Posted on: 05/23/2018

Congratulations are in order for Kraemerlab member, Rachel Pizzie, who successfully defended her thesis on Wednesday, May 2, 2018. Rachel will be working as a post-doc with Dr. Adam Green and Dr. Ian Lyons at Georgetown University .

Congratulations, Dr. Rapuano!
Posted on: 05/22/2018

Congratulations are in order for Chang lab member, Kristina Rapuano, who successfully defended her thesis on Tuesday, April 17, 2018. Kristina joined BJ Casey's FABLAB at Yale University as a postdoctoral fellow.

Welcome, incoming graduate student, Marissa Clark (fall 2018)!
Posted on: 05/22/2018

The Center would like to welcome incoming graduate student, Marissa Clark, who will be joining Luke Chang's lab this fall (2018). Welcome Marissa - we look forward to having you!

SBS talk series - Spring 2018
Posted on: 01/11/2018

Moore Hall, 12:15-1pm

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Thurs, 4/12: Stefano Anzellotti, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Thurs, 4/19: Dimitris Xygalatas, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology and Cognitive Science Program, University of Connecticut

Thurs, 5/10: Daniel McDuff, Researcher, Microsoft Research; Visiting Scientist, Brigham and Women's Hospital 



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SBS talk series - Winter 2018
Posted on: 08/15/2017

Moore Hall, 12:15-1pm

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Thurs, 1/11: Catherine Hartley, Assistant Professor of Psychology, New York University

Thurs, 1/25: Indrajeet Patil, Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University

Thurs, 2/22: Saeed Hassanpour, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Data Science, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

Thurs, 3/8: Kyle Smith, Assistant Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences, Dartmouth College

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Congratulations, Dr. Mattek!
Posted on: 08/07/2017

Congratulations are in order for Alison Mattek, who successfully defended her thesis on Friday, August 4, 2017. Alison will be joining Jamil Zaki's Social Neuroscience Laboratory at Stanford University as a postdoctoral fellow.

SBS talk series - Fall 2017
Posted on: 06/27/2017

Moore Hall, room 302 (unless otherwise noted), 12:15-1pm

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Thurs, 9/21: Mark Thornton, Postdoctoral research associate, Princeton University

Thurs, 10/5: Suzanne Dikker, Research Scientist, New York University (ROOM 202)

Thurs, 10/26: Meghan Meyer, Assistant Professor, Dartmouth College

Thurs, 11/2: Avram Holmes, Yale University

Thurs, 11/16: Adam Bear, Yale University


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Congratulations, Dr. Goold!
Posted on: 06/07/2017

Congratulations are in order for Meng lab member, Jessica Goold, who successfully defended her thesis on Tuesday, June 6, 2017. Jessi will be  heading out to the Mind and Brain Center at UC-Davis, where she will be a postdoctoral fellow in John Henderson's Visual Cognition lab.

Justin Kim received 2017 Hannah T. Croasdale award
Posted on: 05/30/2017

Justin Kim, who completed his PhD this past year, has been selected as the 2017 recipient of the 2017 Hannah T. Croasdale Award. This award is given to the graduating PhD student at Dartmouth who "best exemplifies the qualities of a scholar, possessing intellectual curiosity, a dedicated commitment to the pursuit of new knowledge, a strong interest in teaching, and a sense of social responsiblity to the academic community".

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Justin is now a postdoctoral fellow at Duke University.

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