Reginald Adams, Associate Professor, Penn State

Craig Bennett, Post-Doc, UC Santa Barbara

Annemarie Brown, Lecturer/Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dartmouth College

Kristina Caudle, Natl Study Coord, Veterans Administration

Robert S. Chavez, Assistant Professor, University of Oregon

Jasmin Cloutier, Assistant Professor, University of Chicago

Emily Cross, Assistant Professor, Bangor University

Caroline Davis, Cognitive Scientist, U.S. Army Research Lab, Natick Soldier R&D Ctr

Kathryn Demos, Assistant Professor, Brown University

Adam Green, Assistant Professor, Georgetown University

Sean Guillory, Post-Doc, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Jessica Goold, Post-Doc, UC Davis

Swaroop Guntupalli, Post-Doc, California Institute of Technology

Jeremy Huckins, Post-Doc, Dartmouth College

Olivia Kang, Research Fellow/Project Director, Harvard University

Justin Kim, Post-Doc, Duke University

Ioulia Kovelman, Assistant Professor, University of Michigan

David Kraemer, Asst. Professor, Education, Dartmouth College

Anne Krendl, Assistant Professor, Indiana University

Yune-Sang Lee, Post-Doc, University of Pennsylvania

Christine Looser, Assistant Professor of Business, Minerva School at KGI

Richard Lopez, Post-Doc, Rice University

Zhengang Lu, Post-Doc, Johns Hopkins

Malia Mason, Associate Professor, Columbia University

Alison Mattek, Post-doc, Stanford University

Joe Moran, Cognitive Scientist, U.S. Army Research Lab, Natick Solider R&D Ctr

Maital Neta, Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Ross O'Hara, Post-Doc, University of Connecticut Health Center

Amy Palmer, National Clinical Outcomes Analyst, Operation Stress Injury Clinics of Canada

Carolyn Parkinson, Assistant Professor, UCLA

Katie Powers, Harvard College Fellow in Psychology

Leah Somerville, Assistant Professor, Harvard University

James Taylor, Analyst, Wittenberg Weiner Consulting

Sophie Trawalter, Assistant Professor, University of Virginia

Dylan D. Wagner, Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University

Gagan Wig, Assistant Professor, University of Texas – Dallas

Carrie Wyland, Professor of Practice, Tulane University