Meghan L. Meyer

|Research Asst Professor
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Assistant Professor

Humans are a highly social species. As children, we depend on caretakers for support. As adolescents, we navigate intricate social hierarchies. As adults, we cooperate in complex work environments. To thrive in this social world, all of us need to anticipate people’s reactions and learn about our social networks. My lab's research integrates social psychology and cognitive neuroscience to understand what drives our inherent tendency, ability, and need to think about the social world around us. We aim to answer questions such as: How do we juggle multiple social cognitive demands on the fly? How do we learn and consolidate information about people? And how do we represent the complex social networks we navigate day-to-day? We combine brain imaging, behavioral, and mobile sensing methods to answer these important and timely questions.


Moore Hall, Room 348
HB 6207